Did you know that 2.5 billion people around the world live without a clean toilet? 

Today is World Toilet Day, a UN recognized annual event that aims to break taboos and raise awareness on global sanitation issues. Each and everyday there are people in the world who face inconceivable conditions, and 1 out of 3 don’t  have access to a toilet at all. I have seen many disgusting, truly awful toilets during my travels. Unfortunately, when you have to go- you have to go. For some in the world, this isn’t even a possibility. I find it incredibly troubling that in some areas of the world people don’t have access to such a basic human right.

The World Toilet Organization is challenging the global community to improve these horrible sanitation conditions. Studies have shown that those who have limited access to toilets have much lower than average primary school completion rates, are more susceptible ( by over 50%) to dying from a diarrhoeal disease, and have an increased chance of getting raped or abused (1 in 3 women don’t have a safe place to use the toilet.).

There are a hundred thousand great causes out there that need attention, but every single person in this world- despite geography or income- deserves to have  fundamental human rights such as clean water and basic sanitation. To find out more about World Toilet Day check out their website and use #WeCantWait on Twitter to spread the message.

In honor of World Toilet Day, and sticking with the London theme this month, I would like to introduce you to Loo Tours. Loo Tours is run by fellow American and London transplant Rachel, who has turned her love of toilets into one of London’s most unique and informative days-out.  I had the privilege of coming along on a Loo Tour over the summer and was so impressed with Rachel’s knowledge of London’s loos and the sheer amount of history one could learn from looking at toilets.


Loo Tour London

The Loo Tour Lady and her trusty plunger guide the way.

The 3-hour walking tour takes you from quirky pub toilets to listed Victorian ones that are now protected because of their historical importance. I guarantee you will not find a tour in London as quirky as this one- and you will be amazed at what one could learn about a city through it’s loos. 
Loo Tour London

There are loos all over London, you will never look at them the same again.

The Loo Tour has recently joined up with doingsomething.co.uk which aims to help London singles meet each other on a fun day out, rather than another boring date at the pub. While it certainly wouldn’t be for everyone, the Loo Tour would definitely make a unique first date. You can book your Loo Tour Date Night or the traditional walking tour over at the Loo Tours website. The Loo Tour is a very reasonable £7.50, a steal for three hours worth of entertainment in London. You can follow Rachel, the Loo Tour Lady, on Twitter at @LondonLooTours and on Facebook.
Loo Tour London

The Loo Tour has now teamed up with DoingSomething.co.uk- as a highly recommended date in London.

If you would like to donate to the World Toilet Organization and improve global sanitation- head to their website and find out what a difference your donation could make. In honor of World Toilet Day, I will be donating $10 to provide a family with a toilet shelter, because everyone deserves a safe place to do their business.
 Images provided by WTO and Loo Tour.