This just in – I’m alive! I mentioned in a previous post that I would be concentrating on my life outside the blog for awhile as I dealt with moving and general life chaos.

Although I have missed being so active here, the last few months have led me to a much happier place.

East Village Stratford

Walking around my new neighbourhood in London.

I was beginning to resent life on the seaside. Four years in and I still didn’t feel like I had truly integrated the way I’d hoped. I made some amazing friends, but I felt like we were in a constant tug-of-war with who we are and who people expected us to be in the general day-to-day. Everyday things like the ‘school run’ (dropping and picking up The Kid at school) were tasks I started to dread. Mothers who had known each other since before their pregnancies, who were born and bred on the seaside, didn’t make it easy for outsiders of their little world.

I didn’t mind missing out on mommy playgroups, but I know The Kid did. Her school friends would make negative comments about her non-Englishness and how their parents didn’t like her. Kids can be cruel, but they are simply copying the behaviours they learn at home.

Nobody tried to get to know her, or me, and after three years of classes together – it felt like enough.(Maybe I could have tried harder, but then again should it be that difficult?) There has to be a moment when you look at your family and your life and realize that you have to take control. Things weren’t working anymore, and it was time to move on.

I know after living in The Netherlands (and Texas for goodness sake) that this kind of stuff exists everywhere. People are more comfortable with what they know. I get it.

But I don’t got time in my life for that nonsense.

Hadrians Wall

Taking in the view at Hadrian’s Wall.

So, we packed up our home and moved to London. We traded our three bedroom home with period fireplaces and a large garden for a two-bed flat in East London with a balcony. Our kitchen, dining room, and living room (as well as my office!) are now in one open-plan area, and though I wondered how we’d ever adjust to smaller living quarters, I absolutely love it.

Now that we’ve moved I feel so much happier, and more importantly The Kid and Dutchman do too.

Punting in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge

Although I felt like taking a blog sabbatical was necessary for my life, if you follow along on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you know that I’ve still managed to fit in a few adventures lately. I spent a week in Glasgow, Scotland, explored the absolutely stunning sites of Hadrian’s Wall and had an amazing time discovering the other side of Newcastle’s nightlife scene. I also hit up the Notting Hill Carnival and went punting in Cambridge! Mostly though, I’ve been exploring London – this time as a local.

In my next post I’ll be showing you all around our new neighbourhood and home in Stratford’s Olympic Village and London’s newest postcode – but for now I just wanted to say hello and I’m back. I have some exciting things lined up so I hope you’ll follow along.

I’ll leave you with this. My absolutely favorite thing about my new home in London. Amazing sunsets with a tiny, but beautiful London skyline view.

London Skyline