Atlanta is a fascinating city, particularly if you are interested in U.S. history, great Southern cuisine, or the Civil Rights Movement. For those into the more offbeat attractions, you’ll pleased to hear that Atlanta has plenty to offer there as well. If you are up for a random day exploring Atlanta’s weirdest sites, these are the four you won’t want to miss.

1. Crypt of Civilization

The content of the Crypt of Civilization.

The content of the Crypt of Civilization.

In  1936, an Atlanta man by the name of Thornwell Jacobs had the brilliant idea of preserving objects of his time by putting them in a sealed room. Thought to be the first successful time capsule, Jacob’s efforts are still sealed behind a stainless-steel door on the campus of Ogelthorpe University. While you can’t technically visit the contents within until AD 8113, you can visit Phoebe Hearst Memorial Hall where the capsule is kept.

 2. Atlanta White House

Atlanta White House

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Why visit the actual White House in Washington D.C. when you can visit the White House replica in Atlanta? Built to 3/4th scale, the Atlanta White House was built by real estate mogul Fred Milani in 2002 for himself and his family. As it is a private residence, you can’t get inside, but the house is visible from the street for all your photographing pleasure. Check out directions and images from past visitors on Roadside America.


3. The Anti-Gravity Monument

Anti-Gravity Monument Atlanta

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There was a time in American history when gravity was not to be trusted. The Gravity Research Foundation was established in 1948 by Roger Babson to fight this gravity which he called “Our Number One Enemy.” After his death, the foundation closed, but one amazing monument on the campus of Emory University remains to warn us of gravity’s perils. You can find the Anti-Gravity Monument at 1400 Oxford Rd NE, Atlanta, on the Emory University campus.


4. Atlanta Prison Farm

Atlanta Prison Farm

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The Atlanta Prison Farm was an operating prison between approximately 1945 and 1995. After the site was abandoned, it fell into a state of ruin. In 2009, the former prison caught fire and it was decided that the building was not worth the risk of putting it out. Today, the Atlanta Prison Farm is a popular location for urban explorers and street artists who turn the charred former cells into art galleries. It is very important to note that this is private property, and if caught, you could face a $1,000 fine for trespassing. With that being said, the Atlanta Prison Farm is located at Key Road SE, 8238 William Wallace Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 30316 and can be photographed from outside.