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If you’re hoping to kick off 2014 in style, why not buy train tickets to London? The capital is a fantastic place for a daytrip or a short break and is jam-packed full of fascinating things to see and do. Heading on a tour is sure to help you dig a little deeper and find things you might otherwise have missed. We think the following are well worth considering:


London Underground Tube Tour

Chances are you’ll use the Underground system while you’re in London as it’s often the quickest and most cost-effective way to get from A to B. However, have you ever stopped to consider what the walls of each station might say if they could talk? While that happening seems somewhat unlikely, there are thankfully experts on hand who will take you on a journey spanning 150 years in just two hours. So, if you’ve ever wondered about just how the system came to be, or wanted to uncover some of its secrets it’s well worth going along. Tours set off from Paddington Station concourse at 2pm on Monday and 11am on Friday.


Underground Tube Tour

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Quirky London Tour

As you’d expect in a city the size of London there are all manner of weird and wonderful tales and sights, it’s just a matter of knowing or finding them. The Quirky London Tour will help you do just that, meaning you’re sure to have learned something new by the time it’s finished. For example, you’ll find out about Britain’s smallest police station and see the only street in the country where cars drive on the right. So if you think you know London it could be time to think again! If it sounds like something you’d enjoy it starts in Covent Garden at 7pm on Monday and 11.30am on Saturday and lasts for around an hour and a half.


Quirky London

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East End Food Tour  

Food fanatics getting trains to London will love this three-and-a-half-hour stroll, taking in some of east London’s most mouthwatering eateries. The tour guide will lead you between locations, taking in 10 food tastings in all. These include what is arguably the capital’s best bacon sarnie, a selection of delicious curries, a bagel shop, a cheese mongers and – of course – some fish n chips. You’ll also swing by a local pub and be provided with a scrumptious dessert.



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