All-Inclusive holidays continue to grow in popularity, with millions of travellers happy to fork over a set amount for a vacation where everything from the booze to the room to the disco is included. There are critics on both sides of the fence arguing over the effect all-inclusive holidays have  on local communities and the authentic experience (or lack there of) that a person would have sitting at a resort. While I can see the pros and cons of both sides, I think that as a long as you make an effort to leave the resort an all-inclusive holiday can be well-worth the money. If you are planning an all-inclusive trip, here are ten tips to getting the most from your holiday.

Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your All-Inclusive Holiday


1. What is included?

While meals and drinks are great, if the resort doesn’t include any activities- these can quickly add up. Check out the resort’s facilities and what you get to do with your package. Even the biggest glutton will get bored only eating and drinking for a week.



2. Think Location

Caribbean packaged holidays may be what you have in mind, but you may get more from your money by heading to a destination such as Thailand where food, alcohol, and cultural experiences are quite a bit cheaper.


3. See the Local Area

My problem with these types of holidays is that I always feel that people aren’t doing enough exploring of the country they have spent thousands of dollars to visit. Make sure the resort isn’t too far removed (unless you are looking to escape civilization entirely) so that you have the option to take day-trips and explore local attractions.


go local

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4. Tips Included

The majority of all-inclusive holidays include tipping in the price, which can end up saving quite a bit of money compared to a non-inclusive in the same area. Still, it is recommended that you bring tip money for things like the airport shuttle, day-trips to local restaurant or excursions, and for any employee at the resort who goes above and beyond.


5. Check the Time

Some resorts may advertise unlimited free food and drinks, but access to these amenities is only available between set time periods of the day. Be sure you know if there are any restrictions before you go. For example, First Choice offers all-inclusive holidays where food and drinks are available to guests 24 hours a day.


6. Who owns the resort?

If you don’t want to head on a vacation overseas only to be surrounded by people from your own country, it is worth checking to see who owns the resort and what operators they work with.


7. Diverse Facilities

If you are staying an entire week at a resort, you won’t want to eat at the same buffet three times a day- free or otherwise. Check to see what restaurants and bars are on-site, many resorts offer different cuisines, themes, and changing menus.


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8. Compare Prices

Make sure you are actually getting a good deal for your money by comparing the prices of non-inclusive hotels in the same area. While alcohol, food, and activities may not be included with the price of the room, it could end up working out cheaper than the all-inclusive package.


9. Sustainable Holiday

It is important that your vacation isn’t negatively affecting the local community where you are staying. The majority of all-inclusive resorts provide jobs and help the regional economy by bringing in tourists, but see what your resort does in particular before you book.


10. Family Travel

All-Inclusive holidays can be ideal for families, with a variety of facilities and activities that cater to the younger visitor. Be sure to check and compare what each resort offers before you book. Child care, kid-friendly pools and kid specific activities should all be pre-requisites.



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