Art Basel, the international art show, has transformed Miami’s art scene in recent years by drawing almost 100,000 visitors annually to the event. A ripple effect has begun, and galleries are popping up in droves – embracing the new wave of art enthusiasm and providing visitors and locals with fantastic exhibits (and art to purchase) year-round. Visiting Art Basel itself is a chance to mingle with the world’s rich and famous to discuss art theory or perhaps, purchase a show-piece to take back home. Whether or not you make it to the big event, these five galleries are worth a trip to Miami for their forward-thinking exhibits and incredible collections that rival any city in the world.

Carol Jazzar Gallery

The Carol Jazzar Gallery offers a contemporary art collection in one Miami’s coolest spaces. Set amongst a private 1950’s home – the main gallery is exhibited in a renovated garage turned hip showroom. Carol Jazzar has been feeding Miami’s appetite for art since 2007, with a focus on “unapologetic explorations” through sculpture, painting, installations, mixed-media and performance works.

Visiting Info: Address –  158 NW 91 Street, Miami. Carol Jazzar Gallery website.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

The Frederic Snitzer Gallery has been a fixture at Art Basel for years, and is known for catapulting artists into extremely successful careers. Exhibits are edgy, modern, and bring together diverse pools of talent from all over the world. Catch one of the solo or group exhibits during your visit to see some of the magic in person.

Visiting Info: Address – 1540 NE Miami Ct, Miami.  Fredric Snitzer Gallery website.

Emerson Dorsch

The Emerson Dorsch Gallery was the first gallery in Miami to move to the Wynwood District, now the city’s central neighborhood for all things art and culture. Bringing together avant-garde discussions with contemporary focused works, Emerson Dorsch has made a name for itself as a center of both art education and cutting-edge exhibits.

Visiting Info: Address – 151 NW 24th St, Miami. Emerson Dorsch website.

Ideobox Artspace

This contemporary art gallery is anything but run of the mill. Ideobox brings together artists from around the world with innovative and thought provoking exhibits that take on the public’s general preconceptions of modern art. Expect everything to be just a little out of the ordinary, and to leave with a new appreciation for the diverse mediums and ideas that are leading the modern art movement.

Visiting Info: Address – 2417 N Miami Ave, Miami. Ideobox Artspace website.

Avant Gallery

Located in the stunning Epic Hotel, the Avant Gallery is home to works from prominent names in the business such as Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst, as well as internationally renown street artists. The space itself is as unique as the collection. Rather than displaying the collection in a traditional white showroom, you can expect to peruse the exhibited works alongside sofas, benches, and even bean bags.

Visiting Info: Address – The Epic Hotel, 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami.  Avant Gallery website.


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