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I was recently staying in London to attend the Traverse  Mingle, a meet-up for travel bloggers. (Which was an absolute blast!) I often opt for a hostel when I stay in London because I like the atmosphere as well as accommodation that is easy on my budget. St. Christopher’s Inn is a well-known and respected hostel chain located in seven countries throughout Europe, with a large presence in the UK. There are seven locations in London, and I decided to stay at Shepherd’s Bush as I hadn’t explored the area before.

I arrived at Shepherd’s Bush by taxi, all the way from Tower Bridge. I don’t recommend taking taxis in London to budget-savvy travelers but I missed the last train (tube?) and was lucky enough to share the cab with two other girls going to the same area. I was checked in quickly even though I arrived much later than check-in time.

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I stayed in a 4-bed female dorm room, but I often stay in mixed rooms as well. The room was clean, the other girls were great, and there was a small sink in the room which I always appreciate in a hostel. Cleanliness is the only thing I actually hope for in a hostel, anything else is bonus.

The bathrooms were clean as well, always a plus. Unfortunately I have stayed in some atrocious London hostels with bathroom discoveries I will not even mention here. St. Christopher’s Shepherd’s Bush is definitely on top of things.

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Breakfast was very simple, you can’t expect much for a free extra on a cheap room but it left a little to be desired. The options were cereal or toast, with tea and instant coffee for those needing a morning caffeine boost. I actually don’t mind toast, but fresh coffee would have made a world of difference to me. The instant coffee was horrible, and I couldn’t even force down a cup. Luckily the Westfield London Shopping Centre is directly across the street with dozens of coffee shops to choose from.

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I think the coolest part of St. Christopher’s Shepherd’s Bush is the bar. Belushi’s Bar is found at all St.Christopher’s hostels, it offers cheap drinks, mingle nights, as well as food which is  open to the public as well. The staff at Belushi’s were very friendly, and the drink and food prices were very reasonable for London. 

I would most definitely stay in a St.Christopher’s Inn hostel again, and will probably explore their other locations on future trips to London.

Rating: 4 out of 5. (Girl needs her coffee.)

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