Earlier this month, my best friend got married. I was so excited to fly to New York and be a Bridesmaid- and this time the fam was coming as well. I began putting everything I needed together.


✓ Fancy dress for Me
✓ Suit for the Dutchman
✓ Flower Girl Dress and Accessories
✓ Clothes for rehearsal dinner, going out and shopping at Target
✓ Shoes to go with everything


I quickly realized that no way in heck was I going to be able to carry around the mammoth suitcase I needed to bring. As we planned on flying to Toronto first and doing a lot of walking, I definitely didn’t want more than a carry-on to deal with when we got there. So, what was a girl to do?

After a quick Google search I came across Sendmybag.com. The luggage delivery company claimed that they could pick up my luggage from home, take it to where I was going, and that it could be waiting for me when I arrived. Hmmm. Although it sounded like exactly what I needed, I couldn’t help but be a little nervous about the idea. If they didn’t follow through, I would have no Bridesmaid dress and probably be forever shunned by all those who love me. Plus, I would ruin all the pictures.

I decided to take the chance, and went ahead and set up the pick-up. This is my Send My Bag review.


What does Sendmybag.com do?

Sendmybag.com began in an effort to combat rising fees of low-cost airlines. While you can get cheap flights all over the place these days, bring more than a carry on and you might as well be paying for a ticket in Business class. According to Air Transat, the airline I flew with, the weight and dimensions of my suitcase would borderline between paying the maximum overweight charge and having to send the luggage through their cargo service. I definitely didn’t want to deal with either.

Send My Bag – For the Love of Luggage from Sendmybag.com on Vimeo.


Sendmybag.com make the process very straightforward. You go on their website and put in the details of your shipment. (You don’t have to send a suitcase, you can also send ski equipment, boxes, or just about anything that isn’t on their prohibited items list.) After you get your quote, you can book a collection for the next day. They do advise customers to book 24 hours in advance in the EU, 48 hours n advance for Non-EU, and 72 hours if you are in a remote location.


My Experience with Sendmybag.com

Once you fill out all the information and pay, you will receive shipping labels and customs forms to print out that can then be attached to your luggage. Here is what mine looked like the morning before it was picked up.


sendmybag review
review sendmybag


Just as they promised, DHL arrived the next day and took the suitcase with no problems. I was given a tracking number when I booked the collection so was able to watch my suitcase as it travelled to North America. I was deathly afraid that customs would hold my bag for who knows what reason (they hate me) but it went through easy as pie.

When I arrived at my friend’s house in New York, my suitcase was sitting there waiting for me. I didn’t have to do anything but pack it.

I followed the same process for sending it back, although this time I did it last minute. There was a small problem with the labels on the return journey, but Sendmybag.com arranged to fix whatever mistake I had made and my suitcase made its way safely back to the UK.

The customer service team at Sendmybag.com is absolutely terrific. They watch each and every piece that is sent through them, to make sure it is going where it needs to go. If there is any problem at all, such as I had on the return, they address it right away.



Tips for Using Sendmybag.com

  • Send your luggage with time to spare in case there is a hold up in customs or the bag is sent around a public holiday.
  • Sendmybag.com offers free label holders if you order ahead. I had to get creative with plastic ties and see-through folders, but these would have made life easier.
  • The tracking number will appear in your account on the website. You can use it to see where your bag is, and when it has arrived at the destination.
  • Don’t try to pack any prohibited items in your luggage (like wine) because the customs agents will find it and you will risk getting your bag held.


I loved the convenience of Sendmybag.com and would have no problem recommending the service to anyone looking for a cheaper solution to send their luggage worldwide. I will definitely use the service again- the next time I need to send an arsenal of things and travelling light just won’t cut it.


Disclaimer: Sendmybag.com provided my with a complimentary trial of their service. All content and opinions are my own, as always!