Ever wonder how many people take to the skies and travel internationally for the first time each year? That are more information are contained in this infographic which basically tells you how many take international flights were made in 2012, how much is spent making roaming calls once a person reaches his destination, and most importantly, how to save when you travel. Here are some of the main points that you should know while traveling.

International Travel

In 2012, a record 1 billion of international travelers flew across the globe, which contributed to a total revenue of $1.3 trillion in international tourism, equivalent to staying at the most expensive hotel room in the world for 54, 794 years. With budget air travel becoming the norm, more and more people are getting off their couches and traveling around the world, to the delight of international carriers.

International Call Costs

International calls are the norm for international travelers. This means more revenue for cellphone carriers, although expensive international roaming charges can take a toll on your travel budget. A 3-minute call made by an international traveler to someone back home can cost about $7.79, and this translates to the average cost for a monthly cellphone bill if you make a 21-minute phone call from a roaming number. This is because most international calling charges range from $6-10 per minute! This means that long calls will often result to absurdly expensive roaming charges. In fact, one Canadian woman received a bill for $23, 000 CAD for her international calls alone!

Prepaid cards are cheaper, but that is if you get a working card. One in ten cards you buy at the airport will not work, and a call made with a prepaid card will cost you a dollar a minute, still more expensive than a cup of coffee!

How to Save While Travelling

The most logical thing to do if you want to save on calling and roaming charges would be to make your calls online. Airports now have free Wifi access, and you have hotels that offer free Wifi access to patrons, as well. Two-thirds of the hotels in Europe are now offering free Wifi access to guests. You can also send instant messages, emails and other communication aside from phone calls when you are online.

How KNCTR Can Help with Free Calls

As long as you have internet, you can make free calls to any cellphone or land line in the US or Canada while you are traveling. If you are traveling to the US or Canada and want to call home without incurring hundreds of dollars in roaming charges, the most practical option would be to make an internet call, which often delivers clearer and more reliable calls than most roaming services. The best thing about this service is that it is all free! With Skype, Magic Jack or Vonage, you still need to buy call credits to make phone or landline calls.

With KNCTR,  there is no set-up fee, no monthly calling fees or cancellation fees. Calls are totally free.

International travel is fun, but international calls can cost you a fortune if you are not careful. The best alternative would be to make your calls online with KNCTR, which allows you to make calls to landlines and cellphones to Canada and the US for absolutely no cost.