I posted a pic of my new camera and was asked to share the details on here, so I have written up a short post in honor of my new love. I typically use my phone to shoot pictures as it is easier to carry around and honestly does  a terrific job. (I have a Nokia Lumia which is consistently ranked as one of the best camera phones.) However, as I travel more I have felt that my phone can’t quite capture ‘moments’ as well as a good old fashioned camera.


I have been ogling the Pentax Q10 camera for months, and when Amazon had a great sale on them I snapped one up. The Pentax Q10 retails for £379.99/ $499.95 , but can be found for quite a bit cheaper.


Pentax Q10

pentax q10 flash



The Pentax Q10 is an interchangeable-lens camera, and offers a bit more options than your typical point and shoot. I loved the tiny body of this model, it honestly looks like a toy but is extremely well built.




Pentax Q10


My beautiful leather strap was handmade by a leather artisan named Sergio in Ukraine. He runs a shop on Etsy under the name VIVEO  if you are interested in getting one for yourself. Each piece is hand stitched, cut and embossed, using the finest quality leathers. I think this should last me about a lifetime.





The case isn’t real leather, but I loved the retro look so much I went ahead and got it anyway. It also has the ‘Q’ embossed on the front which is a really nice touch.


It is also possible to get your camera customized, by choosing different colors for the body and grip. I liked the more vintage look myself, but I do think the colored ones are super adorable as well.


Q10 Studio


I won’t bother you with all the specifications and such, you can check all that out for yourself at the links below. I am really happy with my new little friend- I can’t wait to give it the first trial run in Italy this weekend.


Check out the camera and case on Amazon!       

Disclosure: I have used some affiliate links in this post. If you choose to buy one of these items, I will receive a (very small) commission.