I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. The weather here in the UK is switching between winter and summer every other day, and consequently I’ve felt like poop. I am also supposed to leave for India this Friday, but I still don’t have my visa in-hand. All of the excitement and butterflies that come with reaching a huge dream are on total stand-still while I wait to see if everything will work out. (Positive vibes appreciated.)


Thank goodness for my family and friends. Last month The Kid went off on her own international vacay without us to The Netherlands. She spent three weeks away from home- camping and pony riding and picking up Dutch like a sponge. It was too long.  I am so happy to have her home but she will be leaving me in a few days to go back to school. Lame. I think we should just run away to South America. Down with jobs. Down with school.

quality time


Speaking of good friends, Kasha of Lines of Escape is a fellow expat (she is from Capetown) living here in the UK who also happens to be an awesome travel blogger. She has graciously nominated me for Blog Hop, which pretty much means I need to answer a few questions about my writing process and then nominate three more bloggers.


What am I working on/writing?

I work with quite a few companies through my freelance writing business and they have been keeping me busy. Like 2 am busy. The work I do is a hodgepodge of content for various types of businesses, but I am slowly inching towards my goal of  focusing entirely on travel. I have found what makes me happy and I want to do more!

I have also been writing up  a few upcoming posts that I honestly can’t wait to share with you. Let’s just say they involve bears, garlic, and the Lochness Monster. That sounds like some kind of weird B horror film.

Last month I took a pretty solid break from work in general and spent some time with nature. Fresh air does wonders for the mechanics of the brain.




How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

Geesh, I wouldn’t know. I can say that I make a wholehearted effort to tell stories, but also inform a would-be traveler. I like the idea that my reader can be a 16 year old girl in Texas who dreams of seeing the world or a 65 year old retiree who loves to country-hop and just needs some practical information and tips.  I heard that I should have one type of reader who I write to- but I’m not so good with rules.  I think I am a little bit teenager and a little bit old woman. A bit crazy, a bit boring. Open policy around here.

In truth, I think I am still working on figuring it out. I have seen so much growth in my writing over the past year. As my confidence to do what I love grows, I expect great things will follow. Stay tuned.



Why do I write what I do?

In short,  travel makes me feel unequivocally free. Free to be myself. Free to be happy. Free to ignore all the crap in life that doesn’t matter. Free to appreciate beautiful landscapes and wonderful people and glorious food. I have found that thing that ignites a passion within me- some people never find that and I feel tremendously lucky. Why wouldn’t I have a desire to share that with the world?


travel quote


How does my writing process work?  

Whether I am writing for a client or this blog, my writing process is more or less the same. I typically write out notes that work as the framework of whatever content I need to create. Then I spend a few hours diving in, editing, and polishing until I am happy. I have heard other bloggers say that they spend only an hourish writing a blog post, and man do I envy them. I also spend a considerable amount of time editing pictures and then adjusting the content if necessary once they have been added.

Here is a look at my office. I surround myself with things that make me happy. Pictures of my family. Knick knacks from my favorite trips. Lucky bamboo.


my office



I can’t write with distraction. Once I get into the groove I need no music, no Netflix, no daughter yelling mom! mom! mom! every second. I wish I could be more flexible when it comes to this, but my brain needs total quiet when the words start flowing out or I hit a wall. It is the only aspect of my life where I don’t crave the noise.



*** My nominations ***  

Drumroll please!  These are the blogs I am reading lately- so it seemed appropriate to nominate them, or at the very least throw them a link…


Noel Morata of Travel Photo Discovery

Noel splits his time between San Francisco and Hawaii. (Lucky duck.) He shares incredible photos of his travels every week that always get my wanderlust fired up.


Sarah-Jane of Chasing the Donkey

SJ is an Australian expat who lives in Croatia with her family. She shares amazing tidbits of her life in a Croatian village as well as destinations in Croatia that I am constantly adding to my never-ending bucket list.


Christa Thompson of The Fairytale Traveler

Christa is Editor of The Fairytale Traveler- a blog that explores travel destinations related to folklore, fairytales, and all my favorite movies. I can read this blog for hours- it really gets that dorky cemetery and GOT loving side of me fired up.


Do you have any writing tips? What works well for you?