Miami often invokes images of super yachts, a booming club scene, and beaches covered in supermodels. For those visitors with cash to splash, this may not be far from reality. For the rest of us, however, a trip to Miami is likely to fall under a much lower budget. If you are headed to the ‘Magic City’, here are a few tips to make the most of your visit without returning home to an empty bank account.

 Miami on a Budget

Visit Off-Season

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One of the more commonly known travel tips, but still rarely implemented, off-season travel makes an enormous difference in what you pay on vacation. Everything from hotel rooms in Miami to airfare to even city tours lower their prices during less busy times of the year.

Miami is blessed with wonderful weather year-round, except for the occasional hurricane that swings by. You’ll find that the majority of tourists flock to the city between January and April, with a noticeable crowd of spring-breakers in Mid-March. Instead, head to Miami between June and October. You can expect hotter temperatures, an occasional rain storm, and much more reasonable prices.


Leave South Beach for Meals

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Most tourists book their rooms on South Beach and don’t leave until it is time to go back home. While the thriving area is wonderful to visit for its pristine beaches and nightlife, prices are much higher in this area than other parts of the city.

Avoid South Beach restaurants and you can save big. Instead head to Little Havana where you will not only find cheap eats, but  have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Latin community of Miami.  Pop into Gilbert’s Bakery where you can have authentic Cuban pastelitos for less than you’d pay for a drink in SoBe.


Use the Go Miami Card

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If you plan on doing some major sightseeing during your time in Miami, admission costs will add up quickly. Purchasing a Go Miami card is more economical, saving you up to 55% on entrance fees. The card can be bought for one, two, three, or five days and includes a guide-book in addition to entry to Miami’s most popular attractions.

I recommend including the Everglades Alligator Museum, Key Largo boat cruise, and Miami Seaquarium on your itinerary. All of these attractions are included in the price of your card.


Use Your Legs

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The best way to save money in Miami? Use what you already have – your legs will work nicely. With beautiful weather and pedestrian friendly walkways, Miami is a perfect city to explore by foot. You can plan your route before you go on Map my Walk. As a bonus, the app tracks your activity so you can burn off all those amazingly fattening empanadas.

Miami is one of America’s most glamorous cities, but the price of glamour is often high. Use these budget friendly tips on your next trip to Miami, and experience some of the good life without the need to remortgage your house in the name of fun.



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