Celebrating 60 Years of London’s Iconic Red Bus

It is difficult to imagine London without its red double-decker buses zooming through the streets. They have become one of the most well known symbols of the city, much like the yellow cabs of New York. Exactly a century ago, London completely switched from horse drawn buses to ones that were motorized. Forty years later, the Routemaster was introduced- painted red to stand out from other transportation competitors. 

Did you know that two original Routemaster buses still run in London? You can catch Route 9 from Kensington High Street to Aldwych or Route 15 from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill and relive the glory days. (Note: The heritage buses do not offer step-free access for strollers or wheelchairs.)

London Heritage Bus

The No.15 Heritage Bus that you can still ride today.

My First Trip to London

I still remember the first time I rode on one, it was the first day of my first trip abroad- I was 19. The weather was horrible; rain pounding down, cold winds, and more fog draped across the city than I have seen still to this day. Looking up at the Big Ben, I could barely make out the clock face. The Dutchman and I hadn’t seen each other for almost a year, the very beginning of our long-distance relationship. We boarded one of the buses, hand in hand, and watched the city go by out the window. I remember the moment where I became overwhelmed with happiness. There I was with this boy who loved me, sitting in a double-decker bus in London. It was the beginning of an incredible adventure, both for us as a couple and for my insatiable appetite to see the world.



My first trip to London, ten years ago.


Who could have predicted that someday I would find myself living in England? Yet, her I am. I no longer give the iconic buses much thought when I am going from A to Z, but I sure couldn’t imagine London without them.

Refresh Accommodation has put together an awesome infographic celebrating the Year of the London Bus. Check it out below!


History of the london bus


Have you ever rode on one of London’s iconic double-decker buses? 

photo credit: Cover Image maapu, Heritage Bus Sou’wester via photopin cc