If I Had A Million Dollars…

How many times have you had the ‘If I won a million dollars…’ conversation with friends? “If I won a million dollars I’d buy a 10 bedroom house and 5 cars and a bunch of tacky Italian marble statues to show off how dumb I am with my money.” If I won the lottery (I probably would need to start entering first) I don’t imagine my family would buy a huge house and a bunch of crap. I think we would pay off our debts, pay off the debts of close family and friends, and go see the world.

I wouldn’t stop writing. The Dutchman would definitely not give up his geeky computer stuff. We’d just live our current life to a fuller level. I’d want to give back. I’d want to visit every country. I’d want The Kid to never worry about the cost of education. At this point in my life the idea of having a mortgage scares the crap out of me. I don’t like strings. Having a family has not changed that for me. I am not sure money would either- but who can say for sure.

I’d probably splurge on this trip that takes you to 20 iconic film locations in ten countries around the world- while you stay in luxury hotels and fly Business class. Yours for the bargain price of £198,000.00/ $339,596.43. Although honestly, I would probably arrange it myself, fly economy (maybe economy plus!) and stay in boutique hotels rather than five-star stuffy ones. 



1. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s on airplane. 2. Fly to NYC and go on shopping spree at Tiffany’s. 3. Repeat.


I think it is the freedom that makes winning so much money appealing. I don’t need a million dollars, but I sure would love the wings it would afford me. 


How Would You Like to Be a Millionaire?

While the chances of me or you ever winning the lottery are pretty slim, IHG® Rewards Club have launched a fun game that gives us both the chance of winning 1 million IHG® Rewards Club points. All you need to do to enter  is head to the Minute Millionaire page, and go on a one minute shopping spree.




With sixty seconds on the clock your goal is to spend all million of your allotted points on flights, luxury hotel stays, unique experiences, or even wine. Once you have successfully chosen a million points worth of rewards, the clock will stop and you can enter your contact information- you know, in case you win!



Minute Millionaire

Ready. Set. Shop!


My choices were slightly boring, I bought up all the flights I could until I hit the million mark. While a spa day would be nice, I’d much prefer the chance to fly away to Rio, Johannesburg, or Tokyo at the drop of a hat.

 IHG® Rewards Club is a loyalty rewards programme that includes nine of the most popular hotel brands in the world: InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, CandlewoodSuites, EVENTM Hotels and HUALUXETM Hotels and Resorts. It is free to become a member and with every stay at one of the 4,700 IHG properties you earn points to spend on everything from flights to sushi lessons.


What will you do with your Million?


This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with IHG Rewards. All content and opinions on The Fly Away American are, as always, my own. 
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