San Antonio is one of those cities that makes me love Texas. It’s a state so big that you can climb mountains, splash in the Gulf, play in a cornfield or spot crocs in the swamp as long as you are willing to go on a bit of a drive. San Antonio is an incredible culturally diverse community where you can surround yourself with sounds and smells (and tastes!) that are altogether unique to the area. I recently shared my favorite historical sites in San Antonio, and to be honest, I can’t quite shake the city. Although San Antonio has always been a favorite destination of mine for all things Tex-Mex and Lucha Libre, it has been on my mind for other reasons.

I haven’t been home, truly home, in four years. Although I’ve been back stateside a few times for weddings, I never ventured farther south than New York. That is 1,321 miles from home, about half the journey from England to New York. Plane tickets are expensive, and the extra cost for that 1,321 miles is a lot (especially when you figure that The Dutchman and Kid are along for the ride.) This year is different; I am going home for Christmas, and I am ecstatic. In the past few years, San Antonio has become a kind of family compound. Due to lucrative careers in oil, my brother and multiple cousins have relocated to the city. Come December, I will be back under the shadows of The Alamo, with my family. These are the five things I want to do as soon as I get back.

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1. Tex-Mex at Aldacos

Aldacos is an institution in San Antonio. Their chile rellenos are to die for, and the avocado margaritas (trust me) are about the best thing on earth. Aldacos has been going strong for over 25 years, and it will undoubtedly be my first stop.

2. The Alamo

Okay, I have an obsession. I go every single time. But who couldn’t love all that Texas history wrapped up into one little historical site? Plus, admission is free so there is never an excuse. We will likely check out San Antonio hotels in this area, because the neighborhood is so full of charming buildings and things to do.

3. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

An amusement park is nothing special, but I have always loved Six Flags. I may be getting old, but I still live for the adrenaline on those crazy roller coasters.

4. The Riverwalk

No trip to San Antonio counts unless you go to the Riverwalk. The lush landscaping always makes me feel like I’ve arrived somewhere tropical, and I quite like sitting back on the tour boats listening to the stories of the city. It also happens to be the most-visited attraction in Texas, so there’s that.

5. The Majestic Theatre

This is one place I have always wanted to visit, but never had the time. The Majestic Theatre is a designated historic landmark, as well as the oldest theatre in San Antonio. A blast from old Hollywood past.

Helpful tip: If you are flying in or out of San Antonio airport, I would recommend the Holiday Inn Express San Antonio-Airport – especially for families. (Swimming pool!!!)

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