Tomorrow I am off to Basilicata, Italy, a region I have yet to visit located in the central portion of the ‘boot’.  I will be joined by four other travel bloggers as we document Basilicata through local cuisine, historical sites, cultural festivals, and attractions. You can follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #HelloBasilicata and through the live blog on the website of Discover Basilicata.

You can also check out the other bloggers that will be on the trip- each of whom offers something special to the world of travel blogging. – Neil Barnes – Brenna Holeman – Beverley Reinemann – Ed Rex


Here is a little sneak peak of what we will be doing over the next few days.


Day One: Matera

We will be starting in Matera, an ancient city and the capital of Basilicata. It is known for its cave dwellings, which were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. We will actually have the opportunity to stay in the cave dwellings in one of Matera’s luxury cave hotels.


Matera Italy

Matera, Italy. photo credit: Rickydavid via photopin cc


Day Two: Festival of the Marriage of Trees and Flight of the Angel

The next day we will be joining locals on a 15 km pilgrimage to marry some trees, it is an ancient tradition in Basilicata that involves an actual ceremony, a lot of livestock, and  well, a 15 km walk. This is probably what I am most looking forward to! Afterwards, we will take the ‘Flight of the Angel’ a zip-line adventure that clocks in as the world’s fastest at 120 kph.


Marriage of the Trees Festival

“Accettura (MT), 1999, Il trasporto del “Maggio” dal bosco di Montepiano in paese.” by Fiore Silvestro Barbato


Day Three: The Ghost Town of Craco and Cooking Lesson at Palazzo Margherita

On the third day we will travel to Craco, a medieval village that was abandoned in the 60’s. This stunning ghost town is now considered one of the world’s spookiest destinations. After some Italian style ghost hunting we will head to the Palazzo Margherita for cooking lessons. The hotel is owned by Francis Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather trilogy, and is said to be the jewel in his hotel legacy in honor of his ancestral home.


Craco, Italy

The ghost town of Craco. photo credit: Drumsara via photopin cc


Day Four: Porto Degli Argonauti and Sailing the Ionian Coast

Our last night and final day in Basilicata will be at the coastal resort of Porto Degli Argonauti, in the town of Pisticci. There we will tour the Ionian Coast and go sailing before heading back to the airport and saying Ciao! to Basilicata.


Porto Degli Argonauti

Porto Degli Argonauti photo credit: StoryTravelers via photopin cc



 As you can imagine, I am pretty excited to say #HelloBasilicata!