Howdy chaps. (That is Texglish for hey guys.) Welcome to the first post in this month’s ‘Fly Away to London’ series. I have been in London for five days now, attending travel blogger events and the World Travel Market -the world’s leading travel industry exhibition. It has been eye-opening to say the least, and I have loved meeting some of my favorite travel bloggers from around the world. Today I thought I would start off with one of London’s most iconic landmarks, The London Eye.


London Eye

Walking up to the London Eye from Waterloo Station.


I grabbed a car from and took a ride for the first time over the weekend, on the most gorgeous of London days. I have honestly always avoided the London Eye, the large lines of tourists and crazy admission costs were never a big draw for me.  Luckily, I had the amazing opportunity to avoid all of that, and am happy to report that the London Eye is maybe worth the time and money.


London Eye Blue Sky

Beautiful blue sky.


I had a fast-track ticket, and I will tell you, if you plan on adding the London Eye to your itinerary- splurge for the fast-track. The line to get on was probably a thirty minute wait, and this was after  they has bought their tickets. Whatever you decide to do, purchase your tickets ahead of time on the London Eye website, trust me on this one. It took me only five minutes from picking up my ticket, going through security, to entering the capsule. Not bad.


People from London Eye

People at the bottom of the London Eye


EDF London Eye

EDF London Eye

London Eye Doors

There was a small kid climbing on these… his parents seemed much less nervous about it than myself.


Wanna hear a random London Eye tidbit? A Dutch company, Hollandia, was the one chosen to fabricate the London Eye’s steel components. My husband and his sister used to ride bicycles in their tiny Dutch town next to the place where Hollandia was putting one the world’s most recognizable landmarks together. They grew up with the London Eye- before it was ever in London.


Me on the London Eye



It was really incredible to go up over the city and see all of London’s most famous buildings and areas from one location. You can even see The Shard once you get all the way to the top.


Shard from London Eye

The Shard!

People on London Eye

View of West Bank.

Hungerford Bridge

Hungerford Bridge


People on London Eye

Watching people on London Eye look at the scenery.


As I mentioned, I think the London Eye is maybe worth the cost of the £20+ ticket prices. The experience is pretty cool, and you can always say- ‘I rode on that!’ everytime you watch a movie panning over London. If you are visiting London on a budget, I would say to skip it. There are other places where you can still get a great view of London- for free. The top of the Tate Modern, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, and OXO Tower are all fantastic choices for great London views- and won’t cost you a thing. 


View from London Eye

Awesome sun shadows.


The London Eye was never meant to be a permanent London feature, but its popularity with visitors and locals alike bought it a place in London for the foreseeable future. Despite the price tag and hoards of tourist folk, there is no doubt that the London Eye is an incredible marvel to experience. 


View from London Eye

Leaving the London Eye- Bye!


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My ticket to the London Eye was complimentary for the purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.