Ever wondered where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded? You may have known it took place in Oslo, Norway, but the actual location is at Oslo City Hall. I had the privilege to visit this famous site, and walk in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest leaders, thinkers, and game changers.


A Few Former Nobel Peace Prize Recipients 



Walking up to Oslo City Hall, I was overcome with disappointment. This building had won “Oslo’s Structure of the Century” and is a well-known icon around the world. I was unimpressed with the brick facade, which in all honesty reminded me of a library from the 80’s. 


Oslo City Hall

Is it just me? Do you think this building is a masterpiece?


BUT. Walking inside I was surprised to find beautiful murals and some of the most spectacular artwork I had ever seen. I was not expecting it at all, which made it even more incredible.

When you visit a place like the Sistine Chapel, you work it up in your head. By the time you are actually there, in front of some of the greatest art work of all time, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Maybe this is just a Jessica thing, but I live for the unexpected surprises. Oslo City Hall has the most beautiful interior, and after the shockingly ugly welcome (take my opinion with a grain of salt, I am not an architecture expert) a total surprise it was. 

Oslo City Hall Interior

What a welcome! photo credit: afloden 


photo credit: Bob Ramsak via photopin cc

photo credit: Bob Ramsak 



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Oslo City Hall was built in 1931, but wasn’t finished until 1950 because of World War II. The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony has been held here every December 10th since 1990, previously it was held at the University of Oslo, Norwegian Nobel Institute, and the Parliament. 


photo credit: shannonkringen via photopin cc

photo credit: shannonkringen 

photo credit: jamieca via photopin cc

photo credit: jamieca 


I must admit, I  purposely used the bathroom at Oslo City Hall, thinking my butt could have shared the same toilet bowl as Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi (although I am not sure if she ever picked hers up) or Michelle Obama.

Maybe I shouldn’t share everything about my personal travel style, but all joking aside it was an incredible experience to see the home of the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony first-hand. 


As much proof as you'll get.

As much proof as you’ll get.


The best part? Admission is entirely free and you are welcome to look around Oslo City Hall all on your own. They do offer tours, find out more on their website.


Have you been somewhere that totally surprised you?