My travel style isn’t very stylish. I am not one of those girls who can pack incredible outfit choices for every day of vacation or who spends hours getting ready before heading out. I like to wear clothing that is comfortable, effortless, and that can be taken from day to night by just adding some dangly earrings. My travel staples haven’t changed in the last decade because they work (for me) and it keeps things simple. Here are the five travel essentials I never leave home without. 

1. Flip-Flops

I am obsessed with flip-flops. Every summer I buy them in a multitude of colors and wear them daily. I hate wearing real shoes and since I can’t run around the world barefoot, flip-flops are the next best thing. I think my obsession may be partly an American thing. I have definitely got a lot of strange looks wearing these babies past the appropriate summer months. Pictured: Havianas, £22.00



2. A Big Bag

I love bags as much as the next girl, but cute sparkly clutches aren’t very practical to my life. I prefer tote bags, the bigger the better. I carry my computer, phone, and camera just about everywhere with me so I need a bag that can accommodate those essentials and more along the way. Pictured: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Leather Tote£260



3. Comfy Dresses

My one shopping problem is dresses. I can’t buy enough of them. Long, bohemian style dresses, short brightly-hued skater dresses, and an endless amount of LBDs. I find dresses so functional; they are comfortable, look great, and can be worn for any occasion. Pictured: Warehouse Cami Midi Dress, £30


4. Sunglasses

I would guess that sunglasses are an essential for most people. They protect your eyes from the elements, add instant chic to any outfit, and cover up your face on those no make-up days. Just like my bags, I prefer to go big with my sunglasses. The Dutchman may say I look like a bug, but I think bigger frames look more glamorous. Pictured: Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ289/S Sunglasses, £109 


5. Scarves

A scarf has to be the most versatile item when travelling. Whether I wrap it around my neck, use it on my head, or even wear it as a skirt, I never go on a trip without one. I especially love brightly colored prints with Asian motifs to add a little bit of cultural flair to the most simple of outfits. Pictured: East Mahika Print Scarf, £25


 Summer looks to be on the horizon here in England and I can’t wait to put away the boots and sweaters for a few months. I am loving the new collection at John Lewis, and will be stocking up on my summer travel essentials very soon. 


What are your travel essentials? Anything you would add to my list? 

Top Image: EAST maxi dress / Havaianas flat shoes / John Lewis leather tote / John Lewis scarve / Dolce & Gabbana tinted sunglasses