Hey there buddy. Nice of you to stop by my little space in the world. I’m Jess, writer of this here blog.

The Fly Away American is a travel blog where I share my adventures around the world (and a lot around England), but it’s also a space for me to talk about the ups and downs of expat life.

I’m originally from a teeny tiny town in Texas that you haven’t heard of. Although, I’ve been gone a long time. The concept of ‘home’ is one of the subjects that comes up a lot around here.

I have lived abroad for over eight years now, with many long stints before the permanent one. I started in The Netherlands, home of my husband – who I refer to on here as The Dutchman. We also have a daughter who is eight (catch the time correlation?) who you will see mentioned from time to time as The Kid.

After living in the land of wooden shoes, (I wore them at my wedding, seriously.) we moved to the seaside town of Folkestone, England. When we arrived I had no idea what to expect, you can read about that adventure here. Two years ago we moved again – this time to the big city. The general consensus is that we absolutely love our life here. It rains too much, the wind is always knocking down our fence, but I dare you to find a more beautiful place on a sunny day in July.

You can catch up on my life living abroad, and the unique adventure of raising a kid in England with a Dutch husband and an American me over at the Expat Life. I plan on being an expatriate lifer and often share my tips on things such as Embracing the Expat Life, dealing with Expat depression, or stories recounting embarrassing transitions.

Travel is at the heart of this blog because it’s one of the biggest reasons I became an expat. I am slightly obsessive in my everyday life, always planning someday adventures and reading up on the latest spectacular destination. Norway has been one of my favorites, I’d recommend giving this one a read.

China is still my biggest love. I graduated with a degree in East Asian Studies and Chinese and even had the opportunity to study there for a semester. You can read more about my Sino-centric self and the background behind it here.

Well, that about sums it up. I hope you stick around and read awhile. Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to say hello.