Many people have tried to define ‘Englishness’ and have failed, in fact English culture is actually a mixed culture, having taken the best from many other cultures. Racially the English are Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, with a handful of other traits thrown into the mix for good measure.

Its colonial past has made the city of London more cosmopolitan than any other city in the world. Class is seemingly more important than colour. The English have always admired other nationalities, and have imported other countries cultures, languages and foods and given them a unique turn.

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The most cosmopolitan place in the world

London is commonly referred to the most cosmopolitan places in the whole world. Where else can you order breakfast in Urdu, book a taxi in Farsi, ask for coffee in Arabic and spend the evening speaking to friends in Cantonese? Over 200 languages are spoken in London.

The capital for multicultural events and festivals, London hosts the biggest celebrations for the Chinese, Bengali, Sikh, and Hindu New Years. The city also boasts some of the best festivals in the world, one can witness anything from Moroccan belly dancers to Bhangra dancers, Salsa dancers to flamenco dancers and classical ballet to Mexican Folklorico. The vast amount of students play a crucial role in making the city so dynamic and your visit to London will provide you with a network of friends from all over the world.

A world of difference in one city

London offers an amazing diversity of population and maintains a myriad of different lifestyles. People of all age groups and backgrounds flock to London for many different reasons which include improved work options, better salary, a higher quality and standard of living and the buzz of living in a thriving metropolis. The city’s lifestyles vary dramatically and the options really are endless. From nightlife to sport, shopping to shows, art to fine dining, there’s always something to keep you occupied and lots of people to meet.

London’s long-standing ethnic diversity is a huge factor in its current popularity with visitors from overseas with the large numbers of long- and short-term visitors also adding dramatically to London’s vibrancy.

A community in constant change

London is often likened to a collection of villages. Huddles of local shops, fruit and veg markets, parks, and leisure centres help nurture a feeling of local community within a conurbation of nearly seven million people. Certain areas have particularly strong identities and associations adding to making London a world in one city. The capital continues to attract newcomers all the time and it is a city that is constantly changing.

To really get an insight into what London is all about you should take a sightseeing tour, not only around the city but if time is on your side there are unlimited options of fabulous places to see and things to do just outside this metropolis that is London. Many people wrongly believe that one day in London is plenty, try two weeks and you’re getting closer.


Make your visit to London a memorable one and it is sure to attract you back time and time again, if you are looking for a way to see London and are short on time try who offer day tours around the city. There are many different tours available to visitors from conventional trips to the main sights, to other more ethnic tours around areas of East London seldom visited.