Last week I was invited to London to celebrate Nuffnang’s 7th birthday with nine fellow bloggers. Nuffnang is the world’s largest blog advertising community which is currently over 1 million bloggers strong. The UK branch opened up less than a year ago, but they are growing quickly into an awesome blogging community. 

Our evening started at clueQuest Headquarters in Shoreditch, London. I had done a bit of research on the company before I arrived, and was honestly a little skeptical about how much fun it would actually be. The general idea is that you and your team are locked in a room for one hour, where you must find clues that will help you to escape. - Founders

The four brothers behind clueQuest. These guys are geniuses.


The ‘team building’ idea really threw me off, as the idea of being trapped in a room with total strangers didn’t sound like my idea of fun. I have also found that general team building exercises are kind of lame.  Luckily for me, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a blast. I should have known better, clueQuest is the #1 attraction in London on TripAdvisor and the reviews say it all. 


TripAdvisor- Cluequest

Voted the NUMBER ONE attraction in all of London on TripAdvisor. Curious now, aren’t you?


I don’t want to give too much away about the game, but you are basically put into a locked room with your team. Working together you have to solve riddles, find clues and figure out how to escape. The clues were much more challenging than I anticipated, and I was really impressed with the thought that had went into every aspect of the room. I was honestly shocked a couple of times at the crazy clues and props we came across.


cluequest team

My lovely team of stylish brainiacs. Image via The Girl Next Shore


There are two challenges, PLAN52 and Operation Blacksheep, the latter of which is brand-new this month. There is nothing physical or fear inducing during the game, so practically anyone can play. While they officially say that children from the age of 9 can join, I would imagine that younger players wouldn’t be able to contribute much.


operation black sheep

Poster for Operation Black Sheep. I am intrigued.


I can happily say that my team made it out in time, with a whole two minutes to spare. There is only a 40% success rate, so we were pretty elated.  (Check out my awesome teammates at their equally awesome blogs: The Girl Next Shore, Gohemian Travellers, Small Crazy, and Daydream in BlueThe team at clueQuest gave us some nice goodies to take home, including a mug and official secret agent card.

So, is it worth the £21 a person for a one hour activity? Yes! Seriously guys, clueQuest is crazy fun and totally meets (and exceeds) the hype. 



Now I can do my brain exercises with every cup of Joe.


They also gave me an entire game to giveaway here on the blog. Enter below and if you win, you and up to four friends of your choosing can experience clueQuest for yourselves! Obviously, this is in London- so the winner needs to be located locally or planning a trip in the nearby future. (Sorry.) A super amazing prize, I wish I could win myself and go again.


 Good luck!


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Hope you enjoyed my clueQuest review, sorry I couldn’t go into much detail but you should really experience it for yourself!