Buffalo, New York is a city that means a lot to me. Many people are surprised when I say that Buffalo is one of my favorite cities in the world, although most of time their preconceptions of this rust-belt city are entirely without merit. Still, it may be a random choice.


Buffalo was my beginning. It was the first place I ever went after graduating high school. I arrived there, barely 18, bright-eyed and entirely ignorant of the world around me. I knew nobody. I had never even been East of Texas. Yet, there I stood ready to take on the world.


Buffalo City Hall

Buffalo City Hall


The day I arrived at the Greyhound bus station, I took my first taxi ride- an experience filled with such glee and emotion I can remember it clearly to this day. It was a simple ‘first’ but at that moment I felt like I had fulfilled all my small town dreams and had finally made it.

During my time in Buffalo, I learned to appreciate football, beer and chicken wings- not necessarily in that order. I  was also introduced to a new weather phenomenon- snow, lots and lots and lots of snow.


Buffalo Downtown

Buffalo Downtown


I only remained in Buffalo for a year and a half, before moving on to college in Oklahoma. (Where coincidentally I met the Dutchman.) Yet, during that time I made friends that have turned into my closest family. I grew to love a community that took such pride in where they lived, despite the many uphill battles that they faced. Buffalo has become a kind of home to me, one that I can revisit at any time and always feel welcomed and happy and full.


buffalo waterfront

Buffalo Waterfront


I wanted to introduce Buffalo  before I began sharing some of the fantastic historical sites and properties because it is such a part of who I am. It was an absolute pleasure to return this last time, knowing that I would be able to share this great city with all of you. I visited the city with new eyes, and even discovered things about it I had never known.


It may not seem like a destination you need to add to your bucket list, but the next time you hop over to Niagara Falls you really should discover her charm for yourself.


Check back next week for all kinds of Buffalo awesomeness. #Buffalove14