A New Chapter

Guys, I’m not about to apologize for my absence as of late because we all know that life sometimes gets in the way. Besides a trip to Spain last month, my travel calendar has been put on a bit of a temporary hiatus. I figured it was time for some real life updates. I know I don’t post personal stuff often enough, but I can only assume you come here for fun travel inspiration more than you do the day-to-day life of Jess.

2015 has thrown some big changes my way. Compared to this time last year, everything is different.


The New Job

A few months ago I accepted a new job. A real person, in the office, contract signed, monthly paycheck kind of job. It has been an exciting new chapter, and though I was hesitant on how I’d cope with the 9-5, it seems I may have found the perfect fit.

Working for so long as a freelance writer I came to appreciate the freedom of being my own boss. Setting my own hours, taking holidays whenever I pleased, and knowingly sacrificing the benefits and security of working for the ‘man’ for the joy of doing whatever the hell I pleased. Still, some months I didn’t get paid. Other months I made enough to splurge on airfare and trips abroad. At the end of the day, it was an unreliable way of making a living. Not to say I wasn’t gloriously happy.

Now I am doing all the things I did before, except I always get a paycheck at the end of the month. More importantly, I now have unlimited opportunities to learn and grow and challenge myself. That’s not so bad, and I’m still gloriously happy.

because when you stop and look around,


The Big Move

In other news, perhaps more exciting, I am leaving the seaside of England. It has been almost four wonderful years of beach combing, France spotting, coastal fun. I am so happy we moved to Folkestone, rather on a whim, seeking out a new experience for our family. Lately I’ve been feeling that pull deep inside to move on, a feeling that is all too common for a girl who can’t sit still. (I honestly can’t believe I made it this long!) We have no family here, and though I have made a few close friends locally, it just doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason to stay in a town we have no ties to. So, we are moving, but not too far.




My very first trip to Folkestone, four years ago!


Where will I be ‘flying away’ to next?



Come August we will be moving into our new flat in East London. Its an overpriced shoebox, but the world will be at our feet. I can’t wait to truly explore London as a local, the city has definitely grown on me over the past few years. As far as the blog is concerned, not much will change except I will be much closer to the airport. (These things make all the difference.) I’ve never lived in the “big city” so it will undoubtedly be an awesome new adventure. I know sixteen year old me would be giddy with excitement.

So, that’s that. With all the recent happenings, you can see why I’ve had to put a few things on hold. No worries though, I expect to be exploring many new places soon! As always, thanks for reading. I sometimes can’t believe that the little blog I started about my new life in England has transformed into such an awesome community of people like you. Here’s to the next chapter. New adventures. New stories. A new place to call home.