Buenos Aires is a sexy mesh of European architecture and Latin American attitude. Home of the tango, Evita, and an insatiable obsession for the game of football (soccer), the Argentinean capital is sure to win your heart. If you are off to explore Buenos Aires, these are the five most amazing things to do in the city. Buen viaje!

1. Visit the Cemetery

“Photo by Kristin Rust via Trover.com

I know what you are thinking, a cemetery? However, the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is not just another forgotten graveyard. For lovers of history, architecture, and art – Recoleta is a dream. The resting place of many Argentinian elites, including Eva Peron herself, the cemetery is filled to the brim with Art Deco style mausoleums and incredible statues in honor of those who’ve passed.

Recoleta Cemetery: Junin 1790, Buenos Aires 1116, Argentina, Website

2. Relax at the Plaza

“Photo by Michelle Tognoga via Trover.com

The Plaza de Mayo is Buenos Aires’s most famous square, and has long been the site of major historical events. It was here that Argentina declared independence from Spanish rule, that the first bullfighting took place, and here that Eva Peron addressed the Peronists from her balcony. It remains a popular choice for protests, but the Plaza de Mayo is a must-see for all visitors looking to delve into the city’s history.

Plaza de Mayo- Hipólito Yrigoyen s/n, 1087 Buenos Aires, Website

3. Do the Tango

“Photo by Luke via Trover.com

The tango is one of the most famous things to ever come out of Argentina, and no visit to Buenos Aires is complete without taking a turn on the dance floor. Head to the La Catedral Club for a lesson or two in their refurbished grain silo. Once you have the steps down, grab a partner and tango under the stars.

La Catedral Club: Sarmiento 4006 (near the corner of Medrano), Buenos Aires, Website

4. Chill with the Gauchos

“Photo by Kristin Rust via Trover.com

The Gauchos are to Argentina what cowboys are to Texas, an institution. While you may expect that most Gauchos live in the rural areas of Argentina, head to the Feria de Mataderos, a working-class street market, and you can experience the Gaucho culture for yourself. Expect over a hundred market stalls, authentic street food, country dances and of course –  Gauchos on horseback.

Feria de Mataderos: cnr Avs Lisandro de la Torre & de los Corrales, Website

5. Sleep in Soho

“Photo by Alvaro via Trover.com

The largest barrio (neighborhood) in Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho is the perfect base for exploring the city. With cafes, art galleries and designer shops lining the cobblestone streets, Palermo Soho is a great choice for trendy hotels in Buenos Aires. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, check out Pehache, a shop that features luxury goods from Argentinian designers.

Pehache: Gurruchaga 1418, 1414 Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Website

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly one of South America’s greatest gems. With an air of elegance and an undeniable energy, it is one city you will long to return to again and again.


Disclosure: I write for the Hipmunk City Love campaign as a paid contributor.